Glitchy Party (feat. Megagone)

from by Redkay

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Redkay and Megagone

Got a wild past got a zoo in the attic
Live to the hype every move cinematic
Party so hard add a boom when I’m at it
Down the drinks I’m consuming the magic
Chase the shots with only limes or juice
Everclear bottles I’m 190s proof
Mobbin’ deep can’t confine the crew
I’m pushing these clocks ‘cause its time to move
If it’s a mixed drink go ahead make it strong
it’s a mix tape Redkay and Megagone
Two story house and every room full
Bottles go around so everything's cool
Party and clubs I’m dipped in both scenes
Rockies always blue, so I’m sippin’ cold drinks
Muscle milk kalluah parties protein
Never myself so know my whole team
Girls Argentine we win at beer pong
Defeat any team ‘til every beer gone
Forever champs from the past here on
Say we cant than your deemed wrong
Get to the mix order adios
Its my mix tape playing audios
Playing at the clubs, parties, or bars
‘Cause you already know, uh!

I party hard!
It’s a mix tape Redkay and Megagone


from Bloodstained Party (Single), released December 6, 2014
Song written and produced by Redkay (
Lyrics and vocals by Megagone.
CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Some rights reserved. Redkay 2014.




Redkay Austria

Redkay is an Austrian Electro and French House music producer. He is also a live act, known for his electrifying performances. Redkay chose to write electronic music around 2010 and has released several albums, EPs and remixes since then. He also won several notable remix contests and has been nominated for awards within the electronic music scene. ... more

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